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Scolypopa australis (Walker, 1851)
  type species

Basionym original publication
Walker F. 1851 - List of the specimens of Homopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. 2: 261-636.
Chronological account
Pochazia australis Walker, 1851 previous combination of Ricania australis (Walker, 1851) according to Stål (1862): 491
Pochazia australis Walker, 1851 previous combination of Scolypopa australis (Walker, 1851) according to Melichar (1898): 278
Flatoides australis Walker, 1858 synonym of Scolypopa australis (Walker, 1851) according to Melichar (1898): 278
Scolypopa urbana Stål, 1859 synonym of Scolypopa australis (Walker, 1851) according to Melichar (1898): 278
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Data accuracy
Level 4
Levels 1, 2 and 3
(TDWG standard) GBIF occurrences
Geographical distribution
Australia  according to  Walker (1851): 430

Australia (New South Wales)  according to  Fletcher (2008): 118

Australia (Queensland)  according to  Fletcher (2008): 118

Fiji  according to  Kirkaldy (1906) , Wilson (2009)
New Zealand North  according to  Larivière et al. (2010)
New Zealand South  according to  Larivière et al. (2010)
Biological interactions
Fuchsia excorticata L. f. (Myrtales, Onagraceae) according to Valentine (1966): 334
Pteridium esculentum (G. Forst.) Cockayne (Polypodiales, Dennstaedtiaceae) according to Valentine (1966): 334
Parasitism: parasitoid
Centrodora scolypopae Valentine, 1966 (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Aphelinidae) according to Valentine (1966): 332
Vernacular name(s)
Passion-vine Hopper in Australia (Queensland) (English)
Passionvine (plant)hopper (English)