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Software error:

Could'nt execute sql request: ERROR:  column n.cavernicolous does not exist
LINE 1: ...raphe, autorite, s.en, s.en, r.en, txn.ref_taxon, n.cavernic...
--	SELECT n.index, orthographe, autorite, s.en, s.en, r.en, txn.ref_taxon, n.cavernicolous FROM taxons_x_noms AS txn
				LEFT JOIN noms_complets AS n ON txn.ref_nom = n.index
				LEFT JOIN statuts AS s ON txn.ref_statut = s.index
				LEFT JOIN rangs AS r ON n.ref_rang = r.index
				WHERE r.en = 'species'
				AND orthographe ilike 'A%'
				AND s.en not in ( 'correct use' )
				ORDER BY LOWER ( orthographe )

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