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Chronological account
Lystra punctata Signoret, 1850 previous combination of Polydictya punctata Signoret, 1850 according to Walker (1851): 290
Novodictya punctata Lallemand, 1928 synonym of Calmar punctata (Signoret, 1850) according to Lallemand (1959): 58
Polydictya punctata Signoret, 1850 previous combination of Calmar punctata (Signoret, 1850)
Maeonia punctata Stål, 1863 synonym of Calmar punctata (Signoret, 1850)
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Cameroon  according to  Lallemand (1959): 58
Democratic Republic of the Congo  according to  Fennah (1958): 104
Guinea  according to  Lallemand (1959): 58
Guinea-Bissau  according to  Stål (1866): 149
Uganda  according to  Lallemand (1959): 58
1 Type specimen(s)
Holotype ♀ of Calmar punctata (Signoret, 1850) deposited in [NHMW] Natural History Museum, Vienna according to Lallemand (1959): 58