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Chronological account
Brixia guttata Walker, 1870 previous combination of Benna guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Distant (1907): 285
Benna ditiasa Distant, 1907 synonym of Benna guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Distant (1907): 285
Benna guttata (Walker, 1870) previous combination of Bennaria guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Nast (1950): 181
Bennaria guttata (Walker, 1870) previous combination of Benna guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Fennah (1970): 46
Benna guttata (Walker, 1870) previous combination of Bennaria guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Holzinger et al. (2002): 124
Bennaria guttata (Walker, 1870) previous combination of Rhyobenna guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Hoch (2013): 213
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Benna ditiasa Distant, 1907 nomen nudum of Benna guttata (Walker, 1870) according to Metcalf (1936): 20
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Indonesia (Maluku)  according to  Walker (1857) refuted by Nast (1950): 181
Indonesia (Western New Guinea) (Irian Jaya)  according to  Hoch (2013): 213
Papua New Guinea  according to  Walker (1857), Nast (1950): 181
1 Type specimen(s)
Lectotype ♂ of Bennaria guttata (Walker, 1870) deposited in [NHM, BMNH] Natural History Museum, London according to Nast (1950): 180