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Arcofacies fullawayi Muir, 1915
  type species

Basionym original publication
Muir F. A. G. 1915 - A contribution towards the taxonomy of the Delphacidae. The Canadian Entomologist 47: 317-320 [320].
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Data accuracy
Level 4
Levels 1, 2 and 3
(TDWG standard) GBIF occurrences
Geographical distribution
China (Fujian)  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
China (Hainan)  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
China (Hong Kong)  according to  Fennah (1956): 465, Chen et al. (2007)
China (Sichuan)  according to  Fennah (1956): 465
China South-Central (Chongqing)  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
China South-Central (Guizhou)  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
Indonesia  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
Malaysia  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
Nansei-shoto (Ryukyu Islands)  according to  Hayashi & Fujinuma (2016): 329
Philippines  according to  Chen et al. (2007): 687

Philippines (Luzon)  according to  Muir (1915)

Singapore  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
Taiwan  according to  Chen et al. (2007)
Biological interactions
Bambusa multiplex (Lour.) Raeuschel (Poales, Poaceae) according to Yang & Yang (1986), Chen et al. (2007)
Bambusa oldhamii Munro (Poales, Poaceae) according to Yang & Yang (1986), Chen et al. (2007)
Neosinocalamus affinis (Rendle) (Poales, Poaceae) according to Chen et al. (2007)