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Chronological account
Crepusia glauca Metcalf, 1923 previous combination of Alphina glauca (Metcalf, 1923) according to Metcalf (1938)
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
United States of America (Arizona)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 168
United States of America (Texas)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 168
Biological interactions
Endosymbiosis: endosymbiont
Candidatus Sulcia muelleri Moran et al., 2005 (Bacteria Bacteroidetes Flavobacteriales) according to Urban & Cryan (2012): 14
Candidatus Vidania fulgoroideae Gonella et al., 2011 (Bacteria Proteobacteria Betaproteobacteria) according to Urban & Cryan (2012): 13