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Bourgoin & Wang (2020)

Bourgoin T. & Wang Meng-Lin 2020 - Parahiraciini (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Issidae): one new genus, two new species and three new subtribes. ZooKeys 997: 69-94.
Original available names
Parahiraciina Cheng & Yang, 1991
Pusulissus Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Pusulissus Bourgoin & Wang, 2020 previous combination of Pusulissus Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Pusulissus coronomensis Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Pusulissus phiaoacensis Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Scantiniina Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Vindilisina Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Bardunia Stål, 1863 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Brevicopius Meng, Qin & Wang, 2015 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Duriopsilla Fennah, 1956 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Duroides Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Flavina Stål, 1861 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Folifemurum Che, Zhang & Wang, 2013 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Fortunia Distant, 1909 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Fusiissus Zhang & Chen, 2010 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Gelastyrella Yang, 1994 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Macrodarumoides Che, Zhang & Wang, 2012 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Mincopius Distant, 1909 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Narinosus Gnezdilov & Wilson, 2005 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Neodurium Fennah, 1956 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Neotetricodes Zhang & Chen, 2012 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Nisoprincessa Gnezdilov, 2017 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Paratetricodes Zhang & Chen, 2010 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pinocchias Gnezdilov & Wilson, 2005 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pseudochoutagus Che, Zhang & Wang, 2011 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Pusulissus Bourgoin & Wang, 2020 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Rhombissus Gnezdilov & Hayashi, 2016 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Scantinius Stål, 1866 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tetricodes Fennah, 1956 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Tetricodissus Wang, Bourgoin & Zhang, 2015 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thabena Stål, 1866 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Thabenula Gnezdilov, Soulier-Perkins & Bourgoin, 2011 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Vindilis Stål, 1870 transferred from Issidae to Issidae
Geographical distribution
Pusulissus coronomensis Bourgoin & Wang, 2020
Pusulissus phiaoacensis Bourgoin & Wang, 2020