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Emeljanov (1991)

Emeljanov A. F. 1991 - To the problem of the limits and subdivisions of the family Achilidae (Homoptera, Cicadina). Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 70(2): 373-393.
Original available names
Achillini Emeljanov, 1991
Achillini Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Achillini Emeljanov, 1991
Acocarinus Emeljanov, 1991
Acocarinus bipunctata Emeljanov, 1991
Amphignoma Emeljanov, 1991
Amphignoma corybas Emeljanov, 1991
Amphignomini Emeljanov, 1991
Amphignomini Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Amphignomini Emeljanov, 1991
Bebaiotinae Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Bebaiotinae Emeljanov, 1991
Bebaiotinae Emeljanov, 1991
Bebaiotinae Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Bebaiotinae Emeljanov, 1991
Ilvini Emeljanov, 1991
Ilvini Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Ilvini Emeljanov, 1991
Mycarini Emeljanov, 1991
Mycarini Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Mycarini Emeljanov, 1991
Mycarinus Emeljanov, 1991
Mycarinus subrubrinervis Emeljanov, 1991
Mycarus Emeljanov, 1991
Mycarus psyche Emeljanov, 1991
Phradmonicus Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Phradmonicus Emeljanov, 1991
Phradmonicus Emeljanov, 1991
Phradmonicus fennahi Emeljanov, 1991
Seviini Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Seviini Emeljanov, 1991
Seviini Emeljanov, 1991
Tropiphlepsiini Emeljanov, 1991
Tropiphlepsiini Emeljanov, 1991 previous combination of Tropiphlepsiini Emeljanov, 1991
Elidipterini Fennah, 1950 synonym of Achilini Stål, 1866
Abas Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Achilini Stål, 1866 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Achilixius Muir, 1923 transferred from Achilixiidae to Achilidae
Achilla Haglund, 1899 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Acus Chen, Yang & Wilson, 1989 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Afrachilus Fennah, 1965 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Agandecca White, 1879 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Akotropis Matsumura, 1914 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Alticeps Williams, 1977 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Amblycratus Uhler, 1895 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Apatesonini Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Argeleusa Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Aristyllis Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Ballomarius Jacobi, 1941 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Bathycephala Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Bebaiotes Muir, 1924 transferred from Achilixiidae to Achilidae
Benella Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Caffropyrrhyllis Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Calerda Signoret, 1863 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Callichlamys Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Callinesia Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Caristianus Distant, 1916 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Catonia Uhler, 1895 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Catonoides Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Cernea Williams, 1977 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Chroneba Stål, 1859 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Cionoderella Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Clusivius Distant, 1917 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Cnidus Stål, 1866 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Cocottea Williams, 1977 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Cythna Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Deferunda Distant, 1912 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Deltometopus Williams, 1977 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Epirama Melichar, 1903 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Epiusana Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Epiusanella Synave, 1959 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Eurynomeus Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Francesca Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Gordiacea Metcalf, 1948 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Haitiana Dozier, 1936 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Hamba Distant, 1907 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Hemiplectoderes Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Indorupex Fennah, 1965 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Juniperthia O'Brien, 1985 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Kardopocephalus Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Kawanda Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Kawandella Synave, 1959 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Kempiana Muir, 1922 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Koloptera Metcalf, 1938 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Kosalya Distant, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Kurandella Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Lanuvia Stål, 1866 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Magadha Distant, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Mahuna Distant, 1907 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Mlanjella Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Momar Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Moraballia Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Myconini Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Nephelesia Fennah, 1965 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Nephelia Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Nyonga Synave, 1959 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Opsiplanon Fennah, 1945 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Paracatonia Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Paraclusivius Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Paragandecca Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Parakosalya Distant, 1917 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Paraphypia Synave, 1960 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Parargeleusa Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Paratangia Melichar, 1903 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Phenelia Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Phypia Stål, 1862 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Plectoderes Spinola, 1839 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Plectoderini Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Plectoderoides Matsumura, 1914 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Plectoringa Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Prosagandecca Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Pseudhelicoptera Fowler, 1904 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Pyrrhyllis Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Remosachilus Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Rhinocolura Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Rhotalini Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Rhotaloides Fennah, 1965 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Rupex Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Salemina Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Semibetatropis Chen, Yang & Wilson, 1989 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Spino Fennah, 1950 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Synecdoche O'Brien, 1971 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Taloka Distant, 1907 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Tangina Melichar, 1903 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Thectoceps Williams, 1977 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Usana Distant, 1906 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Xerbus O'Brien, 1971 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Zathauma Fennah, 1949 transferred from Achilidae to Achilidae
Geographical distribution
Amphignoma corybas Emeljanov, 1991
Phradmonicus fennahi Emeljanov, 1991