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Gnezdilov (2009)

Gnezdilov V. M. 2009 - A new subfamily of the planthopper family ricaniidae Amyot et Serville (Homoptera, Fulgoroidea). Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie 88(4): 807-812.
Original available names
Pharsalinae Gnezdilov, 2009
Trysanor Williams & Fennah, 1980 synonym of Trysanor Williams & Fennah, 1980
Acroprivesa Schmidt, 1912 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Alisca Stål, 1870 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Aliscella Fennah, 1969 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Apachnas Distant, 1909 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Aprivesa Melichar, 1923 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Armacia Stål, 1862 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Armilustrium Distant, 1917 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Carmentalia Distant, 1917 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Cotrades Walker, 1858 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Deferundata Distant, 1917 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Deraulax Signoret, 1860 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Eobladina† Haupt, 1956 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Epitemna Melichar, 1898 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Epithalamium Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Euricania Melichar, 1898 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Hajar Kirkaldy, 1905 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Isobium Melichar, 1906 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Janssensia Lallemand, 1950 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Keiserana Synave, 1966 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Kruegeria Schmidt, 1911 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Lambertonia Lallemand, 1950 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Lugardia Distant, 1909 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Marleyia Distant, 1909 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Meliprivesa Metcalf, 1952 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Mesoricania Melichar, 1923 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Motua Distant, 1909 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Motumotua Distant, 1909 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Mulvia Stål, 1866 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Neoprivesa Distant, 1917 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Nesomimas Fennah, 1971 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Orosanga Fennah, 1971 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Osaka Distant, 1909 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Paurostauria Kirby, 1900 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Pharsalus Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Ricaniidae
Plestia Stål, 1870 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Pocharica Signoret, 1860 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Pocharista Melichar, 1923 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Pochazia Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Pochazina Melichar, 1898 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Pochazoides Signoret, 1860 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Privesa Stål, 1862 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Ricania Germar, 1818 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Ricanoides Zia, 1935 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Ricanopsis Melichar, 1898 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Ricanoptera Melichar, 1898 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Ricanula Melichar, 1898 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Scolypopa Stål, 1859 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Scolypopites† Tillyard, 1923 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Scotinax Fennah, 1969 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Semestra Jacobi, 1916 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Silvanana Metcalf, 1947 transferred from . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis to Ricaniidae
Syndetica Bergroth, 1920 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Tarundia Stål, 1859 transferred from Ricaniidae to Ricaniidae
Geographical distribution
Pharsalus repandus Melichar, 1906