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Fennah (1982)

Fennah R. G. 1982 - A tribal classification of the Tropiduchidae (Homoptera: Tropiduchidae), with description of new species on tea in Malaysia. Bulletin of Entomological Research. London 72: 631-643.
Original available names
Cixiopsini Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Cixiopsini Fennah, 1982
Cixiopsini Fennah, 1982
Clardeina Fennah, 1982
Duriina Fennah, 1982
Eporina Fennah, 1982
Eporini Fennah, 1982
Eporini Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Eporini Fennah, 1982
Isporisini Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Isporisini Fennah, 1982
Isporisini Fennah, 1982
Neommatissini Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Neommatissini Fennah, 1982
Neommatissini Fennah, 1982
Neotangiina Fennah, 1982
Neotangiina Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Neotangiina Fennah, 1982
Remosini Fennah, 1982
Remosini Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Remosini Fennah, 1982
Tambinia theivora Fennah, 1982
Turneriolini Fennah, 1982 previous combination of Turneriolini Fennah, 1982
Turneriolini Fennah, 1982
Peggiogini Melichar, 1914 synonym of Tropiduchini Stål, 1866
Tambiniinae Kirkaldy, 1907 synonym of Tropiduchinae Stål, 1866
Bananellodes Schmidt, 1924 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Bananellodes rubrinervis Schmidt, 1924 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Athestia chariclo (Fennah, 1974) new combination of Biruga chariclo Fennah, 1974
Chiotasa Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Achilidae
Colgorma Kirkaldy, 1904 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Conchyoptera Signoret, 1860 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Diagrynia Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Dichoneura Lethierry, 1890 transferred from Delphacidae to Tropiduchidae
Dolia Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Durium Stål, 1861 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Euhiracia Melichar, 1908 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Tropiduchidae
Eutropistes Schaum, 1853 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Gastrinia Stål, 1859 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Grynia Stål, 1862 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Haliartus Melichar, 1914 transferred from  to Tropiduchidae
Hebrotasa Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Achilidae
Hiracia Walker, 1857 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Hiraciini Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Karna Distant, 1906 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Kruegeria Schmidt, 1911 transferred from Fulgoridae to Tropiduchidae
Kruegeria Schmidt, 1911 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Ricaniidae
Lagoana Melichar, 1905 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Tropiduchidae
Ommatissus Fieber, 1875 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Padanda Distant, 1906 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Tropiduchidae
Parahiracia Ouchi, 1940 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Peggioga Kirkaldy, 1905 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Remosa Distant, 1906 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Siebererella Schmidt, 1926 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Issidae
Tambiniini Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Wrong spelling correction
Krügeria Schmidt, 1911 wrong spelling of Kruegeria Schmidt, 1911
Geographical distribution
Tambinia theivora Fennah, 1982
Wrong spelling
Habrotasa Melichar, 1914 wrong spelling of Hebrotasa Melichar, 1914