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Aphaena (Aphaena) submaculata burmanica Distant, 1906

Basionym original publication
Distant W. L. 1906 - The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. 3: 503 pp. Lt. Col. C. T. Birgham. [210]
Chronological account
Euphria burmanica Distant, 1906 previous combination of Aphaena (Aphaena) burmanica (Distant, 1906) according to Metcalf (1947): 138
Aphaena (Aphaena) burmanica (Distant, 1906) previous rank of Aphaena (Aphaena) submaculata burmanica Distant, 1906 according to Lallemand (1963): 40
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Data accuracy
Level 4
Levels 1, 2 and 3
(TDWG standard) GBIF occurrences
Geographical distribution
India  according to  Distant (1906): 210
Myanmar (ex Burma)  according to  Distant (1906): 210