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Chronological account
Fulgora unipunctata Olivier, 1791 previous combination of Poeciloptera unipunctata (Olivier, 1791) according to Burmeister (1835): 162
Colobesthes bigutta Walker, 1851 previous combination of Flata bigutta (Walker, 1851) according to Stål (1862): 490
Poeciloptera sobrina Stål, 1855 previous combination of Flata sobrina (Stål, 1855) according to Stål (1862): 490
Flata sobrina (Stål, 1855) synonym of Flata bigutta (Walker, 1851) according to Stål (1862): 490
Poeciloptera unipunctata (Olivier, 1791) previous combination of Flata unipunctata (Olivier, 1791) according to Stål (1866): 241
Flata bigutta (Walker, 1851) synonym of Flata unipunctata (Olivier, 1791) according to Stål (1866): 241
Flata unipunctata (Olivier, 1791) previous combination of Cryptoflata unipunctata (Olivier, 1791) according to Melichar (1902): 20
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Democratic Republic of the Congo  according to  Fennah (1958): 158