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Chronological account
Hysteropterum zelleri Kirschbaum, 1868 previous combination of Tshurtshurnella zelleri (Kirschbaum, 1868) according to Linnavuori (1965)
Hysteropterum pseudoarmatum Linnavuori, 1965 synonym of Tshurtshurnella zelleri (Kirschbaum, 1868) according to Dlabola (1984)
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Algeria  according to  Fokker (1900): 25
Greece  according to  Gnezdilov et al. (2004)
Italy  according to  Wilson (2017): 628
1 Type specimen(s)
1 Holotype ♂ of Hysteropterum pseudoarmatum Linnavuori, 1965 deposited in [AMNH] American Museum of Natural Hstory, New York according to Wilson (2017): 628