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Unnata intracta (Walker, 1858)
  type species

Basionym original publication
Walker F. 1858 - Supplement. List of the specimens of Homopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. 369 pp.
Chronological account
Poeciloptera intracta Walker, 1858 previous combination of Unnata intracta (Walker, 1858) according to Metcalf (1957)
Flata intracta Atkinson, 1886 previous combination of Unnata intracta (Walker, 1858) according to Metcalf (1957)
Sephena intracta Melichar, 1902 previous combination of Unnata intracta (Walker, 1858) according to Metcalf (1957)
Nakta stoliczkana Distant, 1906 synonym of Unnata intracta (Walker, 1858) according to Medler (1990)
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
India (Punjab)  according to  Medler (1992): 15
Pakistan (palearctic)  according to  Shakila (1984), Medler (1992): 16
West Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh)  according to  Medler (1992): 15
Biological interactions
Acacia sp. (Fabales, Fabaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Amaranthus sp. (Caryophyllales, Amaranthaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Dalbergia sp. (Fabales, Fabaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Indigofera sp. (Fabales, Fabaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Lonicera sp. (Dipsacales, Caprifoliaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Salix sp. (Malpighiales, Salicaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Sarcococca sp. (Buxales, Buxaceae) according to Shakila (1984)
Xanthium sp. (Asterales, Asteraceae) according to Shakila (1984)
1 Type specimen(s)
1 Holotype ♀ of Poeciloptera intracta Walker, 1858 deposited in [NHM, BMNH] Natural History Museum, London according to Medler (1992): 15