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Chronological account
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Cicadariae, Fulgorellae]
    to [Cicadariae, Fulgorellae, Issites, Issoides] according to Spinola (1839): 202
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Cicadariae, Fulgorellae, Issites, Issoides]
    to [Homoptera, Fulgorida, Issida] according to Stål (1866): 202
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Homoptera, Fulgorida, Issida]
    to [Homoptera, Fulgorida, Issidae] according to Fieber (1872): 4
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Homoptera, Fulgorida, Issidae]
    to [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Fulgoridae, Issidae] according to Melichar (1903): 72
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Fulgoridae, Issidae]
    to [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Issidae, Issinae, Issini] according to Muir (1923): 234
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Issidae, Issinae, Issini]
    to [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Issidae, Issinae, Issini, Issina] according to Gnezdilov (2002)
Archissus Sergel, 1986 synonym of Issus Brullé, 1832 according to Gnezdilov (2003): 26
Issus Brullé, 1832 transferred from [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Issidae, Issinae, Issini, Issina]
    to [Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Issidae, Issinae, Issini] according to Wang et al. (2016): 242
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Isso Stål, 1862 wrong spelling of Issus Brullé, 1832
Flataria Rafinesque, 1815 nomen nudum of Issus Brullé, 1832 according to Schulze et al. (1929)
Jssus Herrich-Schäffer, 1835 wrong spelling of Issus Brullé, 1832
39 species
Issus abdulnouri Dlabola, 1987
Issus afrolauri Sergel, 1986
Issus bellardi Melichar, 1906
Issus bimaculatus Melichar, 1906
Issus cagola Remane, 1985
Issus cagracala Remane, 1985
Issus cahipi Remane, 1985
Issus canalaurisi Sergel, 1986
Issus canariensis Melichar, 1906
Issus capala Remane, 1985
Issus capapi Remane, 1985
Issus caraganae Dlabola, 1968
Issus christiani Gnezdilov, 2019
Issus cinctifrons Stål, 1854
Issus cinereus (Olivier, 1791)
Issus climacus Fieber, 1876
Issus coleoptratus (Fabricius, 1781)  type species
Issus concolor Walker, 1851
Issus dispersus Lindberg, 1954
Issus distinguendus Lindberg, 1954
Issus fieberi Melichar, 1906
Issus frontalis Fieber, 1876
Issus gracalama Remane, 1985
Issus gratehigo Remane, 1985
Issus hipidus Remane, 1985
Issus kabylicus Dlabola, 1989
Issus lauri Ahrens, 1814
Issus maderensis Lindberg, 1954
Issus montenegrus Gnezdilov, 2017
Issus muscaeformis (Von Schrank, 1781)
Issus padipus Remane, 1985
Issus paladitus Remane, 1985
Issus palama Remane, 1985
Issus pospisili Dlabola, 1958
Issus rarus Lindberg, 1954
Issus servillei Spinola, 1839
Issus tubiflexus Gnezdilov, 2017
Issus vaucheri Gnezdilov, 2017
Issus walkeri Metcalf, 1958
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Data accuracy
Level 4
Levels 1, 2 and 3
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