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Chronological account
Omolicna nigripennis Caldwell, 1944 previous combination of Omolicna (Omolicna) nigripennis Caldwell, 1944 nomen implicitum according to Bahder et al. (2019): 506
Omolicna (Omolicna) nigripennis Caldwell, 1944 (Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Derbidae, Cenchreini) previous name of Omolicna nigripennis Caldwell, 1944 (Fulgoromorpha, Fulgoroidea, Derbidae, Cenchreini) according to Bahder et al. (2020): 528
Distribution map: extant taxa
Opacity 30%
Geographical distribution
Brazil Northeast (Sergipe)  according to  Dollet et al. (2020): 4
Brazil North (Roraima)  according to  Dollet et al. (2020): 4
Guatemala  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
Mexico Gulf (Veracruz)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
Mexico Northeast (San Luis Potosí)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
Mexico Northwest (Sinaloa)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
Mexico Southeast (Chiapas)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
Mexico Southwest (Oaxaca)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
United States of America (Texas)  according to  Bartlett et al. (2014): 152
Biological interactions
Cocos nucifera L. L. (Arecales, Arecaceae) according to Dollet et al. (2020): 4
Elaeis guineensis Jacq. (Arecales, Arecaceae) according to Dollet et al. (2020): 4