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Emeljanov (2020)

Emeljanov A. F. 2020 - Nomenclatorial changes in the family Cixiidae (Homoptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Fulgoroidea), with fixation of type species of the genus Reptalus Emeljanov, 1971 and description of a new subgenus. Zootaxa 4780(1): 197-200.
Original available names
Caravellita Emeljanov, 2020
Reptalus (Pererepa) Emeljanov, 2020
Oliarus quinquecostatus Fieber, 1872 synonym of Reptalus (Reptalus) artemisiae (Becker, 1865)
Reptalus (Proreptalus) Emeljanov, 2015 synonym of Reptalus (Reptalus) Emeljanov, 1971
Caravellita saccibuccis (Emeljanov, 2007) new combination of Caravella saccibuccis Emeljanov, 2007
Reptalus (Reptalus) artemisiae (Becker, 1865) new combination of Flata artemisiae Becker, 1865
Reptalus basiprocessus Guo & Wang, 2007 transferred from Cixiidae to Cixiidae
Reptalus (Pererepa) beirnei (Emeljanov, 1978) new combination of Reptalus beirnei (Emeljanov, 1978)
Reptalus (Trepalus) concolor (Fieber, 1876) new combination of Reptalus concolor (Fieber, 1876)
Reptalus (Trepalus) eremicus Dlabola, 1985 new combination of Reptalus eremicus Dlabola, 1985
Reptalus (Pererepa) exoptatus (Van Duzee, 1917) new combination of Reptalus exoptatus (Van Duzee, 1917)
Reptalus (Pererepa) fidus (Van Duzee, 1914) new combination of Reptalus fidus (Van Duzee, 1914)
Reptalus (Pererepa) iguchii (Matsumura, 1914) new combination of Reptalus iguchii (Matsumura, 1914)
Reptalus (Reptalus) arcbogdulus (Dlabola, 1985) new combination of Reptalus (Proreptalus) arcbogdulus (Dlabola, 1985)
Reptalus (Reptalus) quinquecostatus (Dufour, 1833) new combination of Reptalus (Proreptalus) quinquecostatus (Dufour, 1833)
Reptalus (Pererepa) flavinervis (Kusnezov, 1937) new combination of Reptalus (Reptalus) flavinervis (Kusnezov, 1937)
Reptalus (Reptalus) narynensis Emeljanov & Tishechkin, 2012 transferred from Cixiidae to Cixiidae
Reptalus (Pererepa) nigricollis (Kusnezov, 1935) new combination of Reptalus (Reptalus) nigricollis (Kusnezov, 1935)
Reptalus (Pererepa) nigrovenosus (Kusnezov, 1937) new combination of Reptalus (Reptalus) nigrovenosus (Kusnezov, 1937)
Reptalus (Pererepa) panzeri (Löw, 1883) new combination of Reptalus (Reptalus) panzeri (Löw, 1883)
Reptalus quadricinctus (Matsumura, 1914) new combination of Reptalus (Reptalus) quadricinctus (Matsumura, 1914)
Reptalus (Pererepa) shunxiwuensis Bai, Guo & Feng, 2015 new combination of Reptalus shunxiwuensis Bai, Guo & Feng, 2015
Reptalus (Trepalus) barajus (Dlabola, 1957) new combination of Setapius barajus (Dlabola, 1957)
Reptalus (Trepalus) perminutus (Dlabola, 1959) new combination of Setapius perminutus (Dlabola, 1959)
Caravella Emeljanov, 2007 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Caravellita Emeljanov, 2020