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Gnezdilov (2013)

Gnezdilov V. M. 2013 - Contribution to the taxonomy of the family Tropiduchidae Stl (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea) with description of two new tribes from Afrotropical Region. Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift. Berlin 60(2): 179-191.
Original available names
Chrysopuchini Gnezdilov, 2013
Chrysopuchus Gnezdilov, 2013
Chrysopuchus nigrolineatus Gnezdilov, 2013
Hysteropterum fusculum Melichar, 1903 previous combination of Sarima fuscula (Melichar, 1903)
Parathisciini Gnezdilov, 2013
Pavelauterum fusculum (Melichar, 1903)
Sarima fuscula (Melichar, 1903) previous combination of Pavelauterum fusculum (Melichar, 1903)
Gaetuliini Fennah, 1978 synonym of Elicini Melichar, 1915
Alcestini Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Austrini† Szwedo & Stroinski, 2010 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Busas Jacobi, 1909 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Catulliini Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Cixiopsini Fennah, 1982 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Conna Walker, 1857 transferred from Nogodinidae to Tropiduchidae
Cyphoceratopini Fennah, 1945 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Dictyonia Uhler, 1889 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Elica Walker, 1857 transferred from Nogodinidae to Tropiduchidae
Emilianini† Shcherbakov, 2006 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Eporini Fennah, 1982 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Eutropistini Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Exphora Signoret, 1860 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Exphora fumivenosa (Jacobi, 1917) transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Gaetulia Stål, 1864 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Haliartus Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Hemithiscia Schmidt, 1912 transferred from . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis to Tropiduchidae
Hiracia Walker, 1857 transferred from Issidae to . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis
Hiraciini Melichar, 1914 transferred from Issidae to . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis
Indogaetulia Schmidt, 1919 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Isporisini Fennah, 1982 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Jantaritambiini† Szwedo, 2000 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Laberia Stål, 1866 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Neotangiina Fennah, 1982 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Nubithia Stål, 1859 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Nubithia gayi (Spinola, 1852) new combination of Nubithia gayi Spinola, 1852
Paralasonia Muir, 1924 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Paraphilatis Melichar, 1914 transferred from . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis to Tropiduchidae
Parathiscia Melichar, 1901 transferred from . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis to Tropiduchidae
Paricanini Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Patollini† Szwedo & Stroinski, 2013 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Pseudothiscia Schmidt, 1912 transferred from . Fulgoroidea incertae sedis to Tropiduchidae
Pucina Stål, 1866 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Remosini Fennah, 1982 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Riancia Signoret, 1860 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Salona Stål, 1866 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Pavelauterum fusculum (Melichar, 1903) new combination of Sarima fuscula (Melichar, 1903)
Tambiniini Kirkaldy, 1907 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Tangiina Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Tangiini Melichar, 1914 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Tauropola Jacobi, 1944 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Togoda Melichar, 1906 transferred from Issidae to Tropiduchidae
Tritophania† Jacobi, 1938 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Tropiduchini Stål, 1866 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Trypetimorphini Fieber, 1872 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Turneriolini Fennah, 1982 transferred from Tropiduchidae to Tropiduchidae
Geographical distribution
Chrysopuchus nigrolineatus Gnezdilov, 2013
Parathiscia Melichar, 1901
Parathiscia conjugata Melichar, 1901
Parathiscia truncatella (Walker, 1858)
Pavelauterum fusculum (Melichar, 1903)
Pseudothiscia concavifrons Schmidt, 1912
Sarima illibata Melichar, 1903