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Shcherbakov (2006)

Shcherbakov D. E. 2006 - The earliest find of Tropiduchidae (Homoptera: Auchenorrhyncha), representing a new tribe, from the Eocene of Green River, USA, with notes on the fossil record of higher Fulgoroidea. Russian Entomological Journal 15(3): 315-322.
Original available names
Emiliana† Shcherbakov, 2006
Emiliana alexandri† Shcherbakov, 2006
Emilianini† Shcherbakov, 2006 previous combination of Emilianini† Shcherbakov, 2006
Emilianini† Shcherbakov, 2006
Aphaena rotundipennis† Scudder, 1878 transferred from Fulgoridae to Nogodinidae
Callospilopteron† Cockerell, 1920 transferred from Fulgoridae to 
Callospilopteron ocellatum† Cockerell, 1920 transferred from Fulgoridae to 
Jantaritambia loculata† (Germar & Berendt, 1856) new combination of Cixius loculatus† Germar & Berendt, 1856
Cotradechites† Fennah, 1968 transferred from Ricaniidae to Nogodinidae
Dilaropsis† Cockerell, 1920 transferred from Ricaniidae to Nogodinidae
Eoricania† Henriksen, 1922 transferred from Ricaniidae to Nogodinidae
Ficarasites† Scudder, 1890 transferred from Flatidae to Nogodinidae
Giselia† Haupt, 1956 transferred from Flatidae to Nogodinidae
Hammapteryx† Scudder, 1890 transferred from Ricaniidae to Nogodinidae
Lithopsis† Scudder, 1878 transferred from  to Nogodinidae
Neoricania† Carpenter, 1990 transferred from Ricaniidae to Nogodinidae
Eoricania furcata† (Henriksen, 1922) new combination of Ormenis furcata† Henriksen, 1922
Paralatindia saussurei† Scudder, 1890 transferred from  to Nogodinidae
Thaumastocladius† Cockerell & Sandhouse, 1921 transferred from Flatidae to Nogodinidae
Geographical distribution
Emiliana alexandri† Shcherbakov, 2006