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Emeljanov (1983)

Emeljanov A. F. 1983 - Nosatka iz mela Taïmyra (Insecta, Homoptera) [Dictyopharidae from the Cretaceous deposits on the Taïmyr Peninsula (Insecta, Homoptera)]. Palontologicheskii Zhurnal 17(3): 79-85.
Original available names
Hastini Emeljanov, 1983
Lappidini Emeljanov, 1983
Nersiini Emeljanov, 1983
Netutela† Emeljanov, 1983
Netutela annunciator† Emeljanov, 1983
Netutelini† Emeljanov, 1983
Orthopagini Emeljanov, 1983
Phylloscelini Emeljanov, 1983
Scoloptini Emeljanov, 1983
Taosini Emeljanov, 1983
Afronersia Fennah, 1958 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Aselgeia Walker, 1851 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Centromeria Stål, 1870 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Dictyophara vishneviensis† (Becker-Migdisova, 1964) new combination of Chanithus vishneviensis† Becker-Migdisova, 1964
Cladodiptera Spinola, 1839 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Diacira Walker, 1858 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Dictyophara Germar, 1833 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Dictyopharina Melichar, 1903 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Digitocrista Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Engela Distant, 1906 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Hasta Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Hyalodictyon Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Lappida Amyot & Audinet-Serville, 1843 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Miasa Distant, 1906 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Mitrops Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Neodictya Synave, 1965 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Neoputala Distant, 1914 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Nersia Stål, 1862 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Orthopagus Uhler, 1896 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Paradictya Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Paralappida Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Paranagnia Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Phaenodictyon Fennah, 1958 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Pharodictyon Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Philotheria Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Protachilus Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Pseudophanella Fennah, 1958 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Pteroplegma Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Putala Melichar, 1903 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Raivuna Fennah, 1978 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Retiala Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Rhaba Distant, 1906 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Rhynchomitra Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Saigona Matsumura, 1910 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Thanatodictya Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Thanatodictya (Lucinda) Kirkaldy, 1906 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Toropa Melichar, 1912 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Trimedia Fennah, 1944 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Zedochir Fennah, 1978 transferred from Dictyopharidae to Dictyopharidae
Geographical distribution
Netutela annunciator† Emeljanov, 1983