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Medler (1996)

Medler J. T. 1996 - Flatidae of Borneo, with descriptions of new genera and species (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea). Oriental Insects 30: 11-96.
Original available names
Boretsis Medler, 1996
Boretsis elongata Medler, 1996
Cerynia mixana Medler, 1996
Copsyrna martini Medler, 1996
Copsyrna merahata Medler, 1996
Flatomorpha robusta Medler, 1996
Flatula stenula Medler, 1996
Melicharia bukitara Medler, 1996
Melicharia exsarola Medler, 1996 previous combination of Walena exsarola (Medler, 1996)
Melicharia ticula Medler, 1996
Neodaksha agrossa Medler, 1996
Nephesa duffelsi Medler, 1996
Nephesa mazera Medler, 1996
Ortracis Medler, 1996
Seliza intera Medler, 1996
Walena exsarola (Medler, 1996)
Cerynia deplana (Walker, 1857) synonym of Cerynia albata (Stål, 1854)
Microliza Medler, 1991 synonym of Paraflatoptera Lallemand, 1939
Pseudoryxa Schmidt, 1904 synonym of Oryxa Melichar, 1901
Cenestra infixa (Melichar, 1901) new combination of Bythopsyrna infixa Melichar, 1901
Nephesa ligata (Distant, 1892) new combination of Bythopsyrna ligata Distant, 1892
Flata guttularis (Walker, 1857) new combination of Cryptoflata guttularis (Walker, 1857)
Idume tripars (Walker, 1857) new combination of Melicharia tripars Walker, 1857
Paraflatoptera calixis (Medler, 1991) new combination of Microliza calixis Medler, 1991
Paraflatoptera desiris (Medler, 1991) new combination of Microliza desiris Medler, 1991
Paraflatoptera epicis (Medler, 1991) new combination of Microliza epicis Medler, 1991
Ortracis conserta (Walker, 1857) new combination of Staliana conserta Walker, 1857
Cerfennia scripta (Melichar, 1902) new combination of Staliana scripta Melichar, 1902
Cerfennia tabida (Gerstaecker, 1895) new combination of Staliana tabida (Gerstaecker, 1895)
Cerfennia variegata (Lallemand, 1939) new combination of Staliana variegata Lallemand, 1939
Cerfennia vetusta (Walker, 1857) new combination of Staliana vetusta Walker, 1857